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I recently had some issues with AA where I had to get help by calling the Platinum desk. It was without a doubt, the worst experience I've ever had with AA where I was transferred several times and put on hold once for 15 minutes before I finally hung up and tried again. I even had a CSR person lie to me about how their upgrade coupons are handled. I too tweeted and actually did get an acknowledgement from @AA evenutally but not an apology. I did get attention on my tweets from other followers: @mikekrupa (saying good luck with your rant) and @debamaher. Loved her tweet: .@americanair -We r watchg MT @lexymartin: #AA -u transferred me-lifetimePlatinum to 1 desk/now transferrg me back 2 1st desk Really? #FAIL.

I am Lifetime Platinum having flown with them since 1983. I chose AA over UA due to a really horrid experience on an international flight that still makes me cringe. Recent flights on UA, however, have been not too bad as long as I pay for better seats. If UA would give me comparable status, I might be inclined to change to them.

For me: AA needs to train its CSR people on true customer service. Take some lessons from Disney. Understand that an apology actually will help in some cases but having people trained on policy helps too. Back it up with systems that actually work. (AA told me that their systems were being updated that week and might be the cause of my fubar). Also pay attention to people as thoughtful as you, Jim, who describe the actions necessary to address their issues.

Good luck with this. Travel has not been fun for years. Status helps, but when the systems and training break down, it's a mess!

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