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Bill Kutik

Good post, Jim, love to see it on the LinkedIn group. But how could you have left off the most important drill-down of all: Which managers in each region have the highest level of turnover. Managers blocking advancement doesn't quite cover the territory. All the studies show that managers who are just awful account for a huge amount of voluntary turnover.


Thanks, Bill. As I said, I did not include all of the possible interrogatories in my example. I just wanted to get across that useful analytics requires deep domain expertise delivered in a simple package, just like TurboTax does for tax filing. I will add both posts to the LI group soon.

Rick Ottewell

Jim - very insightful as always. You correctly 'hit the nail on the head' when you cite that the domain experience to sniff out the root cause(s) is so frequently lacking and BI does not yet seem able to provide this. Your challenge to those BI providers will hopefully light some fires. Thanks again. Rick

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