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Jim, I'm with you. This approach works only with people who are change ready. This will not be the majority of your stakeholders. Introducing a workforce analytics capability into an organization requires dedicated change management. The change management plan needs to begin while you are assessing your needs and identifying your objectives. You then need to focus on user acceptance and adoption. And it shouldn't end until the capability is fully assimilated into your enterprise performance management framework. Applying a change model like the one DoubleStar uses (Assess-Accept-Adopt-Assimilate) insures a far better chance of seeing the capability fully utilized than the "field of dreams' approach you described. I think Lexy Martin said it best in CedarCrestone's 2007 Metrics and Analytics survey: A move to “metrics based management is a paradigm shift … to succeed with metrics and analytics - do not underestimate the need for change management to ensure successful deployment”.

Lexy Martin

It was great seeing Jim's Field of Dreams comments after getting off an IHRIM Core discussion on Metrics and Analytics. (IHRIM Core is available to members only and I think may become a darned good resource: http://core.ihrim.org/.) The discussion is about "where to start" with metrics. I had provided a list of the "most measured" and then the most used metrics by organizational strategy from our survey. The discussion is now ranging on how HR is too focused on its own operational metrics and not the "strategic ones." Fair enough, but seems to me that HR needs to start with its own measures to keep its head off the chopping block. Tackling getting headcount right globally, divisionally, departmentally, etc. etc. is a worthy challenge. With that experience HR can then begin to contribute to reporting and analyzing the strategic measures.

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