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Jim, do you think the shift from talent mgmt to core HRMS in the latter half of the year was driven by companies shifting their emphasis to cost management in the down economy or do you have other hypotheses?

Naomi Bloom

Strictly anecdotal in the case of my inquiries because they're frequently indirect and/or from colleagues rather than prospects/clients, but core HRMS has definitely gotten more attention recently. Perhaps it's becoming obvious that everything talent management depends on having solid, rigorously updated, core HRM data as a foundation? Or perhaps most ERP-based core HRMS customers realize that they can't get to vendor-provided talent management functionality unless they're on the latest release of their ERP, a release to which they can't move anytime soon because of the cost/pain of major upgrades? Or perhaps it's because there are so many organizations which have neglected their core HRMS and now find that they are lacking the basics needed to survive in a time of layoffs and very limited HR technology budgets? To what do you ascribe what you're seeing?

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