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J. William Tincup


Cool post. I posted about them yesterday via JPIE (http://jpie.com/?p=223). And, for the folks at ERE - I believe that the SM people are attending the show as well.



Paul Pickthorne

As the owner of a free job board, I have thought it inevitable that someone would offer this. At Smuz.com we monetize our traffic through advertising (Google are our biggest customer) and affiliate programs that pay us per sale on products that recruiters and job seekers buy. Our site is profitable without charging for any of our services and I don't see why an ATS vendor can't achieve the same thing. Hosting costs are so much lower now than when SAAS first hit the market and with enough traffic volume profitability is certainly possible with this model if done right.

Just my 0.02c worth.


Paul Pickthorne
All jobs - All Employers - All Free


Our sister company, http://kalatechnology.com offers eRecruitment and we would be very interested to see how the revenue return for Smart Recruiters (SR) will be generated from the additional services from their partners.

Most companies don't want several suppliers, that's why our job board http://jobs2ireland.ie is designed to have added value and offer the customer a one stop shop for all their HR, Job Board, online recruitment (ATS) and payroll needs.

If it works for SR we will be happy for them and watch their model a bit closer. All the best SR.

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