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"...they plan to add quite a bit of functionality including cascading goals in Performance Management as well as a new Succession Management capability."

Jim, why is this news? Best-in-class vendors have had these capabilities for years. It sounds like you are rewarding them for being years late to market.

Joanne Bintliff-Ritchie

You are so right about the business value of analytics - current and predictive. Yet we still see pretty slow adoption. I think there 3 pink elephants in this room. First, the majority of HR practitioners do not have the quantitative analytic competence to be comfortable with these tools and how to use them. Second, some HR people have a value issue with "reflecting people with numbers". They prefer decision making based on anecdote and intuition. Third, most companies believe their data integrity would make any analysis as worthless as the data is. This is a change issue within the HCM world, and it's happening too slowly.

Jim Holincheck

Anon, it is a fair point. Cascading goals is not new functionality for the market, but it is new for PeopleSoft ePerformance. Many vendors also have succession management. I think the important point is that there are a lot of PeopleSoft customers out there. Closing these gaps enables customers to more seriously consider PeopleSoft as a viable option as a talent management suite provider.

Bill Kutik

Jim: Thanks for the great reports from OOW, which I suddenly could not attend. As for predictive analytics, perhaps I was mistaken, but Oracle’s Brian Gaspar told me they had some early functionality available back in July working with Humair Ghauri and coming out of Jac Fitz-enz’s new group. At least that’s what I wrote at http://www.hreonline.com/HRE/story.jsp?storyId=113620717
BTW, comments are not cross-posting between the two blogs, which would be a nice next step.

Jim Holincheck

Sorry, Bill. I have not figured out how to cross-post comments. Suggestions welcome. Oracle does have some early functionality on predictive analytics using Oracle Data Miner and other tools but they are still working on what they will offer and how it will be packaged.


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