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I really agree with your third point. Even further, I would say that HR still does not understand the link between talent management and corporate performance. I have slightly expanded on my blog on this. The idea is that we have to work on human capital valuation and the link with corporate valuation

Roger T Howland

I am a new visitor to your Human Capital Management Blog; I have enjoyed the perspectives shared by all.

As well as the classic Fast One:

Fast Company: Why We Hate HR
From: Issue 97 | August 2005 | Page 40 | By: Keith H. Hammonds

Best regards,

Roger Howland
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Priyanka - BPO|KPO|RPO

Yah, I also think that HR has more to do with corporate performance and talent management..So this aspect of HR should be strengthened more than any other aspect.

Hamed Elbarki

Great information. It's always nice to get another person's perspective.

john gallagher

AS technology evolves, the human element is even more critical, expecially from "c" level executives.

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