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Luis Alberola

I think you point in the right direction Jim.

While I think the six competencies highlighted in the article are a useful presentation of needed HR competencies, they do not necessarily apply to all organizations or all situations.

I would say it is important to link key HR behaviours to key strategic initiatives and KPIs. But this should be done at the organization level. Once you have that link, it is easier to try and measure how individual HR behaviour and competencies contribute to overall corporate objectives, as they have been designed to do so.

Ken Hedberg

I know at least one organization, McBassi & Company, that has researched how HR competencies, systems, and practices correlate with bottom-line organizational outcomes such as market value. Check them out at www.mcbassi.com. Laurie Bassi and Dan McMurrer have spent the better part of the past ten years proving that better HR leads to better business results and shareholder returns.

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