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I'd be interested in your thoughts, Jim, why after HR (at least) has been using hosted Recruiting applications for nine years (perhaps not quite Saas for not running on a single instance), there is all this controversy about whether they are secure, configurable, etc.

Jim Holincheck

I think I gave my view that IT folks are not as resistant as one of the articles believes. The concerns are still valid, but by and large, vendors can prove that they can address these concerns.

Tom O'Brien

I have to agree with your post.

In the HCM space the end users are somewhat indifferent to the delivery model - if the application meets their requiremts - and their IT organizations are concerned with security, connectivity, performance and continuity.

What the big IT shops definitely try to do is continue leveraging their big ERP systems - providing just enough functionality and support to *box out* any more point solutions.

Tom O'B

Mohit Mahendra

I think SaaS delivery, specially for apps that can run stand-alone, provides SaaS vendors an easier, less invasive (from IT's perspective) entry into enterprises that may already have enterprise apps extensively deployed. So they do co-exist. Not yet ready, funtionality wise, to displace enterprise ERP. And enterprises probably not ready to write-off ERP investments of the past decade. So they'll co-exist for a good several years, and hybrid will most likely be the ultimate model that current enterprise apps evolve into.

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