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Tom O'Brien


Nice post. I have a lot of thoughts about what you said.

First, I agree that SaaS is primarily a delivery model. It is interesting - but clients are buying the implied/real benefits of the underlying system/functionality not the delivery model.

Second, talent management is different from most other HR process automation. Successfully implementing real talent management requires (in most all cases) significant organizational change and commitment. It is nothing like automating benefits or compensation administration. True PM requires organizational change. Not just good plumbing.


Finally, fast implementations are good, but I think they are really important as an indicator of the vendor's expertise and software architecture.

Doing a fast implementation by stuffing 9 months of coding into 2 months will get you going faster - but there will be no long term benefit b/c you still have a largely custom implementation.

Doing a fast implementation by cutting out all of the custom work (business analysts configure the system based on requirements and all clients run on single code base) yields significant and measurable benefits over time - reduced errors, no upgrade issues, flexibility, fast implementation of new process/features, etc.

Speed to go-live as an indicator of underlying capability is very valuable indeed.

Tom O'Brien

Jim Holincheck

I think we are pretty much in agreement. There is more to successful implementation than just the technology implementation. Doing that faster may not yield optimum results.

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