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Bill Kutik

Jim: We want to know what you think and what you've discovered. Frankly, we want to know your Gartner research without paying for it. Since that's not possible or fair, earlier insights before the inevitable homogenization of the Gartner publishing process would be great. You don't think your readers are all subscribers, do you?...Bill

Jim Holincheck

Thanks, Bill. That is a good idea. You are quite correct. Gartner does not like me to give research away for free (with good reason). I have tried in a couple of cases to open the door and get input on ideas that would ultimately make it into the research. However, I have not tried to do it on a regular basis. I will think about how I can incorporate that guiding principle into the blog. I already have a few ideas ...

Thomas Otter

I'm less interested in the links to the Gartner research, and more interested in your personal take on things.Challenge Vendors in ways you can't do in a Gartner meeting. Point to interesting start ups and companies doing cool stuff.

And when folks knock Gartner fight back...

Jim Holincheck

Thanks, Thomas. I think it is important to link to the Gartner research, because we do a lot in HCM and related areas that people do not know about. However, your point is well-taken in terms of priorities.

I have to walk a fine line as a Garter analyst. If I say something in the blog, it can be construed as a Gartner opinion. I know you face a similar thing in terms of your blog and SAP, but an industry analyst is in a different position relative to the market. I do take positions and challenge vendors, in the Gartner research. I know that everyone is not a Gartner subscriber, but they should be :).

I have tried to point out some cool vendors doing interesting things (search the blog for Sonar6, Vemo, Capital Analytics as examples). I will continue to do that. I am also interested in cool vendors that others see as well (a post to come soon on that).

As far as fighting back when folks knock Gartner, I have done that on occasion by commenting on other people's blogs. I usually do not do it on my own blog.

I will take the point on my personal take to heart and try to inject that in as much as possible.

Thomas Otter

Indeed I'm very impressed with what I have seen of Sonar6. You get to see the cool small stuff that I often miss.

I'd suggest there is very little you need to change. I'd just like to see a little more Jim.

Jim Holincheck

Fair enough. Maybe I will add a photo :)

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