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Jason Corsello

Jim - I think its questions of not if but when. As we know, Google has build their own internal recruiting solution based on the context of a simplified process around search + email. The threat will definitely come from new media companies than the traditional software vendors. I just can't see SAP getting into the advertising business.

Jim Holincheck


I agree that this business model innovation will come from outside of the traditional business applications. It will be interesting to see what develops.

Neil Kimber

It sounds appealing, but there is more to it than simply having a free web app. Who has access to your data? What is the gauranteed SLA? How do you gaurantee security (does Google run an isolated db for your staff details or is the data co-mingled?). How do you get enhancement requests actioned? How do you get support? If you ever want to use a different application then how do you get your data back?

Software as a Service works, but ad-sponsored rather than contract-fee based is probably a non-starter from a legal/business perspective for quite sometime.

Jim Holincheck


Those are great points. Let me try to address each one as to how it might work in an ad-supported model.

Access to Data -- It would still need security like any SaaS app. However, the service provider would use the context of that data to drive advertising. It would not expose it to others (except in a consolidated fashion -- which is another revenue stream.)

Guaranteed SLA -- You would probably not get one. You would have to be willing to put up with some potential downtime. However, there may be an opportunity for a "premium" offering that has guaranteed SLAs (and maybe no ads)

Enhancement requests -- It would work like any of the online office applications, you would propose them online via e-mail or discussion database.

Support -- Same thing. FAQs, Discussion databases (where users help users), online knowledge bases would all be things that could provide support to users at low cost to the vendor. These are all things vendors are doing to lower call volumes today, why could it not be the only support provided?

Getting data back -- There would need to be a way to either back up data locally or export it to a commonly used data format so that a customer could change if they chose.

I do not think you have mentioned anything that could not be overcome in using an ad-based model. Customers would have to accept a different way of doing things. I do not expect large customers to change overnight. However, a small company with a limited IT budget may find it very attractive.


Here's some ideas for Succession Management:
- If a people's performance, competency and job history data are all included in "Google Talent" then there's also plenty of applicability for using Google's search capabilities for identifying people to pull into the succession process, searching for internal developmental job opportunities, and identifying the most applicable learning and development opportunities.
- I'll bet you could find a financial planning company or two who would be interested in advertising to people who are in a company's succession pipeline...
- Advertising for MBA programs is definitely applicable here along with other learning and development opportunities (for expanding the person's skillset)

Enhancement requests could be handled through an API like Google has for search, so a company could develop its own enhancements, or it could open a huge market for 3rd party development companies to build applications on top of Google Talent for sale.

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