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The Other Systematic

"...not only should I be able to do my performance reviews where I want to, but I should be able to "mash" together other applications that may help me do a better job of writing that performance review."

Lovely! Now for the ugly reality; to do this I need to access services from a half-dozen apps from multiple vendors. How can we get our vendors on board?


Jim Holincheck

Great point. It does requires some standards. It can certainly work at the megavendor level (Oracle and SAP will have service repositories with well-defined services). However, it would be better if there were vendor-independent standards for service interfaces. The HR-XML consortium is a good step in that direction (we are better off than many enterprise applications with regards to standards). I am trying to paint more of a vision than reality. I hear a lot of talk about user-centricity, but not much different delivered in the user experience.

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