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Doug Peterman

Jim, I’m not in favor of disclosure. There are many very good applications in any one space and some are better than others solely on how the client operates and their philosophy of process management. Factor in cost and quality of internal IT resources and you have no one perfect solution for all companies of the same type. Staying above it all without having to defend your company’s choice is the only independent way to work.

Jim Holincheck

Thanks, Doug. I appreciate the input. I have been getting a mixed response in comments offline and online. I will be posting again on some of the feedback soon.

viinnie mirchandani

Jim, analysts should push for more transparency especially around the research socialization process, love the client inquiry stats you share etc/ But on what solutions you buy, not sure it makes a difference. yours or most vendor's internal IT is not typically world class ...also it is one data point - yours - and will be used by winning vendor to extrapolate in undefensible ways...

Jim Holincheck

Thanks, Vinnie. You make very good points. Customers should not use an analyst firm's choices of technology as an indicator for what would be good for their own organization.

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