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Beth C.

Interesting idea about the use of tagging in HCM systems. I wonder, though, if they would end up being abused. Sort of like stuffing a resume with keywords that an automated program might pick up.

To make this work you'd have to think through some controls and mechanisms to minimize the creation of resume spam.

Beth C.
Nobscot Corporation

Jim Holincheck

Thanks, Beth. That is a valid concern and controls will certainly be needed. As you say, that type of abuse already can happen today with search engines within recruitment solutions. I think this concept is more useful for employees rather than candidates/applicants.

Beth C.

Good point about employees vs. applicants. Which also brings up an interesting question. Would overaggressive employees learn to bait the system to improve their opportunities for advancement? Could you put certain words in your profile tags that would be flagged for opportunities that you might not be qualified for? Or would the supervisors and/or HR handle creating the tags for the employees based on ...I don't know what...performance reviews?

We have not seen any stuffing of keywords in our online mentoring software (Mentor Scout)(yet?) but perhaps there is less incentive around getting the best mentor versus getting a promotion.

Interesting to think about the kinds of things you can do with technology in the HR sphere.

Beth C.

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